RabbitAir Air Purifiers

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Rabbit Air was established in 2004 and has poured its resources into creating machines that can improve air quality. 

The company is based in LA in America and has made a name in the industry by growing incredibly fast over the years. Their technology features and customer service reputation are big contributors to their success. 

RabbitAir Models & Filters 

Rabbit Air has 2 air purifiers that include the BioGS 2.0 and the MinusA2. The MinusA2 comes with a wireless feature that lets you control the settings via your phone. It can also be set up on a wall to save space.

Both machines use HEPA filters to remove microscopic pollutant particles from the air. The HEPA filters also have a special fiber that captures more particles.

An activated carbon filter is included which removes the pollutant particles that cause smells. 

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Customer Support 

All of the reps at Rabbit Air are experts when it comes to air purifiers. Therefore, you can feel confident when contacting them for help. 

Their phone lines are available 24/7 to ensure you can speak to an expert at any time of the day or night. A live chat feature is on offer that you can also use 24/7. In addition to this, you can send them an email.

Do Rabbit Air purifiers emit ozone emissions?

Rabbit Air’s purifiers have passed the ozone safety regulations. Their air purifiers have a negative ionizer that can produce ozone. However, you’re able to turn this off to produce no ozone emissions.

How often do the filters need replacing?

For the BioGS 2.0, it’s recommended that you change the activated carbon filter once every 3 years and the HEPA filter after 18 months.

The activated carbon filter and HEPA filter in the MinusA2 should be replaced once per year. The pre-filters in both purifiers are permanent and require cleaning once every 3 months.

How much noise do Rabbit Air purifiers make?

The motor is able to work at 5 different speeds while remaining very quiet.