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Partu is not as well-known in the world of air purifiers as other leading brands. However, the Partu air purifier is certainly worth getting to know. We placed the Partu Air Purifier in our review of the best bedroom air purifiers in 2020 for its compact size, quiet operation, ozone-free safety, and discreet presence.

We have further reviewed this unique and affordable air purifier to figure out the filtration system, maintenance requirements, special features, and effectiveness for your air in 2020.

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The Partu Air Purifier Best For:

Allergies and asthma: the 3-stage HEPA-style filtration and ozone-free operation make this a great little unit for clearing allergy and asthma triggers such as dust, pollen, and dander. Customers who left reviews specifically mentioned that their stuffy nose and other common allergy symptoms have reduced, with some even stating they’ve forgone their daily allergy medicine.

Odor removal and essential oils: the Partu air purifier has an activated carbon filter to reduce odors from small rooms, and has even been reported to effectively remove cigarette smoke odor according to customer reviews.

What’s more, it comes with a sponge on which you can drop essential oils. The fan will then spread the aroma of the oil throughout the room, further reducing bad odors and adding pleasant ones, even inducing calm sleep or improving focus (depending on the oil used).

Small rooms: the recommended area for the Partu air purifier is 107 square feet, in other words, a very small room. This could be ideal for small dorm rooms, bedrooms, offices, and cubicles.

Low budgets: the Partu air purifier belongs firmly in the low-budget category, so much so that you could purchase two or three to set in different small rooms in your home and/or workplace without forking out a fortune.

Size, Weight, Coverage, and Ratings

CADR: The Partu air purifier does not have any CADR ratings, (CADR refers to “clean air delivery rate” and indicates how fast the air purifier takes to clear a certain room size). However, this is not a big deal as we can assess the efficiency by studying the filtration system, and by gathering data from customers who left an honest Partu Air Purifier review.

partu purifier dimensions

Size:  6.3 x 6.3 x 11.4 inches 
Weight: 3.3 pounds 
Coverage: 107 square feet 
Energy-Star certified? No

Filtration System

The Partu unit has a 3-part filtration system, an impressive feature for such a small and affordable air purifier. The three parts are encased in one handy unit so you only need to buy and replace one item.

However, note that some of the marketing text does state that this is a true-HEPA filter, while the instructional video reveals that it captures 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is not technically true-HEPA. One or the other may be an error, so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer as to whether it is true HEPA or not. To be on the safe side, we’ll go with HEPA-style.

The filter consists of:

  • Pre-filter for catching large particles such as dust 
  • HEPA filter for catching smaller allergens such as pet dander and mold 
  • Activated carbon filter for absorbing odors such as food, pet, and smoke smell 
partu purifier filtration

Does the Partu Air Purifier have an Ionizer?

No, this is a non-ionizing air purifier that is 100% ozone-free and approved by CARB (California Air Resources Board) as a healthy machine for home use. This is a great “pro” for people who suffer from asthma and are very sensitive to ozone in their environment. What’s more, it’s great for pets who like to spend time in their owner’s bedroom, as ozone can be very detrimental to your pet’s health. 

Style, Operation, Modes, and Features 

The Partu air purifier is small, cylindrical, and has a black plastic casing with an air outlet at the top. The filter sits at the bottom of the unit, just inside the air inlets. It has simple control buttons and a few display lights across the front and is incredibly lightweight.

Child lock: this is a surprisingly handy feature as it means your settings cannot be interfered with by the busy hands of toddlers and kids. Hold the lock button down for 3 seconds and your fan speed and light settings will be safe.

partu purifier lock
partu fragnance purifier

Fragrance sponge: when you twist off the round cap at the top of the unit you’ll find a sponge that you can dampen with water and drop essential oils on to. The fan pushes clean air through the sponge, sending fragrance into the air. This is great for people who use aromatherapy for calmness, sleep, and energy.

Fan speeds: there are three fan speeds, and they are super easy to change with the press of a button.

Light display: you can use the light button to switch off the display lights for undisturbed sleep.

Maintenance and Filter Requirements 

The maintenance requirements of the Partu air purifier are excellent, as there’s nothing to it aside from replacing the filter. If you choose to use the fragrance sponge, keep it clean as required, and wipe down the external casing if it appears dusty.

How often do the filters need to be changed?

The filter should be changed anywhere between 3-6 months depending on how contaminated your air is, and how often you run the unit.

Can the filters be cleaned or washed?

There seem to be conflicting opinions on this topic, with some customers who left a review assuming they can wash the filter. However, the filter must be kept away from liquids and moisture and must be replaced when it becomes visibly dirty. You can give it a light vacuum to lengthen the lifespan, but it can’t be washed.

Where can I get replacement filters for the Partu Air Purifier and how much are they?

You can find a replacement filter on Amazon here, for a pleasantly low cost compared to other brands.

Noise and Light: is it suitable for sleeping and working?

Many delighted customers who reviewed the Partu air purifier commented that it is extremely quiet. What’s more, they praised the model for the fact that the blue accent light can be switched off. This model has been designed as an air purifier for bedrooms and offices as it is wonderfully discreet, even for noise-sensitive sleepers and workers.

Partu Air Purifier versus Fellowes AeraMax 100: two small-room air purifiers compared

The Fellowes AeraMax 100 shares a few similarities with the Partu air purifier, especially the recommended room size at 100-200 square feet. They’re both small and compact, suitable for tucking into little spaces. What’s more, they both feature a carbon filter for reducing allergies.

However, the Fellowes AeraMax 100 differs in many ways. For one, it has a true-HEPA filter with antimicrobial treatment for inhibiting mold and bacteria. What’s more, it has an optional ionizer (the Partu is ionizer-free) that can be switched off.

Unlike the Partu model, the AeraMax 100 has an auto mode that detects increased allergens and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. As you can imagine, the extra features of the AeraMax 100 mean it is about 2.5 times the price of the Partu air purifier. Find our review of the AeraMax 100 here.

Partu Air Purifier Pros & Cons

Pros 👍
✔ Ozone-free
✔ Effectively reduces allergy symptoms
✔ Very quiet

Cons 👎
✘ HEPA status unclear
✘ No auto mode

Review Verdict

The Partu air purifier is a low-cost option for people who want to reduce allergy symptoms, enjoy fresh-smelling air, and don’t want a trace of ozone in their environment. It’s great for sleeping, working, and even using essential oils. If our Partu air purifier review has sparked your interest, check it out on Amazon here (Link Opens in a New Tab).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when to change the Partu filter?

The best way is to check the filter by unscrewing the bottom of the unit and removing the filter. If it is visibly dirty and soiled, and a quick vacuum doesn’t clear it up, it’s time to replace it.

Can this clear a larger space than 107 square feet?

A few customer reviews state that they use it for rooms up to 200 square feet with great effect. It depends on how contaminated your room is, but it provides the best effect when contained to approximately 107 square feet.

What is the rectangular sponge that comes with the unit? Do I throw it away?

This is the sponge that is used for essential oils. You need to wet it before dropping essential oils (i.e. lavender, vanilla, or citrus) onto it and putting it back into the space beneath the top vent.

My unit didn’t come with a sponge, what should I do?

Contact the manufacturer and ask them to send you a free one. Avoid using your own sponge until you’ve cleared it will the manufacturer to ensure it is safe.

Do I have to use the fragrance sponge or can I take it out and discard it?

No, you don’t have to use it, it’s an optional feature. You can remove it from the unit and discard it if you wish.