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Oreck XL Review Bottom Line

oreck xl purifier

🏅A relatively affordable air purifier
🏅Recommendable for small-to-medium room spaces
🏅Great purchase if you want a model with long-lasting filters

Pros 👍
✔ Long-lasting, washable filters
✔ Attractive design
✔ Straightforward set up and use
✔ Quiet at low-speed levels

Cons 👎
✘ Has no HEPA filter
✘ Truman cells difficult to wash
✘ No air quality sensors
✘ High speed level can be loud

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Review Quick Summary

The Oreck XL Professional combines an aesthetically-pleasing design and a 6-stage filtration system to offer an air purifier that can be adapted for different environments.

The key selling point of this device is its long-lasting filters- the preliminary filter, Truman Cell AIRP (ionizer), and the Odor Absorber (Activated Charcoal filter). We wouldn’t exactly call them ‘lifetime filters’ as Oreck puts it on TV infomercials. However, the fact that they washable means that you’ll be getting several years from each set.

This air purification device measures 16.6” x 12” x 5.7’’ and it’s relatively light at around 14 lbs. These measurements make it an excellent unit for use in most living rooms, bedrooms, studies, and even in offices.

It’s important to note, however, that despite the XL in its name, this model is not designed for large rooms. Its CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 52 cfm means that it’s best used in smaller spaces of utmost 80 sq. ft. Read on to see our full review on the Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier.

OreckXL Air Purifier is Best For:

✔ Pet Odor

The pre-filter, Activated Charcoal filter, and ionizer helps in capturing hairs and odors from pets.

While this unit scores highly in pet hair and odor removal, it’s not best suited for removing flecks of skin shed by dogs, cats, birds, and rodents.


The Truman ionizer cells- the critical filtration component in this model- attract and remove airborne pollen from trees, grass, weed, and mold from the air.

Its ability to remove dust and dust mites from the room can minimize dust mite allergy reactions.

Dust & Dust Mites

The ionizer is effective in making dust particles denser, thereby heavy to float around.

As the ionizer removes dust, a UV light kills dust mites as the air passes through the filtration system.

To maximize its ability to remove allergens, complement it with these 3 natural remedies;

  • Cut the clutter – unnecessary boxes and clothing could trap dust mites, roaches, and dust.
  • Ensure that your bathroom is free of mold.
  • Wash your bedding weekly in hot water.

Overall, the Oreck XL Professional proves to be a reliable air purifier for most common household pollutants. It might interest most people who have trouble reducing dust and dust mites in their house. It’s also a reliable option if your allergies get worse due to mold spores and pollen, especially during spring.

It might not be the best if you smoke heavily inside the house. However, you can optimize its performance by smoking outside.

Where should you place the Oreck XL?

✔ Small Bedroom

This purifier is whisper-quiet when running on its lowest speed level (28 dB). For those who prefer white noise, the medium speed level is ideal for that. Even better, its LED is not obnoxious, and you can turn it off too.

✔ Small Living Room

This model’s combination of activated charcoal filter, ionizer, and UV light makes it ideal for the living room where there’s bound to be a lot of traffic, including pets.

✘ Baby’s Room

Not Recommended: While Oreck XL has quiet operations and a soothing white noise, it emits a small amount of ozone. It actually carries the California Proposition 65 warning. Thus, we would not recommend it for use in nurseries and kids’ rooms.

Placement tips to maximize performance

  • To receive the full benefit of the purifier, ensure that its air-out vent points towards you.
  • When using it in the bedroom, place it 6-10 feet from you. Placing it so close may create a draft. On the other hand, you may not get the full benefits if you position it further than this.
  • Set it close to the source of the irritants. If the problem is the ashtray, setting it near it may help in absorbing the cigarette smell before it disperses throughout the room.
oreckxl air purifier style design

Technical Analysis Review

Coverage AreaFor maximum effectiveness, the manufacturer recommends using it in rooms of utmost 85 sq. ft. This is understandable considering this device’s low CADR (52). You could use it in slightly larger spaces, though. The catch, however, is that it’ll need more time to clean the air.
WeightLight – 14 lbs
SizeMedium – 16.6 x 12 x 5.7 inches
Recommended PositioningDesk – If possible, consider placing it at the center of the room for maximum effectiveness.
Noise Level28-55 dB – This air purify is almost whisper-quiet at its lowest fan setting. The noise level gets slightly higher when the fan is running on medium speed, although most previous users recommend this for people who appreciate white noise. The noise is much higher at the highest speed level- but it’s manageable.

What kind of filters does the Oreck XL use? What do they do?

Pre-filterThis is an essential part of the filtration kit as it captures large debris, including debris, dust, fur, and pollen that could clog up the other filters too quickly. The pre-filter lasts throughout the usable lifespan of the purifier.
Truman CellsThese are ionizing plates that produce negatively charged and positively charged ions. The charged ions attract airborne air pollutants like a magnet, thereby removing them from the air.
OxygenatorIts role is to convert most of the ozone created by the Truman cells into oxygen. The essence here is to make your air not only cleaner but safer too.
UV lightThis technology involves using short-wave ultraviolet light to kill harmful pathogens lurking in the air. This is harmless to you, but excellent at killing bacteria, viruses, and mold.
Odor Absorber (Activated Charcoal filter)Its primary role is to remove smells, odors, and fumes. However, it also captures other tiny air contaminants, including lint, mold spores, dust, and pollen.

The last stage not mentioned above is the optional deodorizer. There is a push-to-open tray at the right-hand side of the air purifier that holds a scent cartridge. This deodorizer adds an optional fragrance to the cleaned air as it is ejected back into the room.

Our Recommendations
Going by this model’s specs and operation, it might interest;

🏅Anyone who wants an affordable air purifier for small spaces.
🏅People who want a model that doubles up as a white noise machine.
🏅Homeowners who share their homes with furry pets.

Special Features

FeatureYes/NoFeature highlights
Application/RemoteNoThis air purifier can only be controlled from the 3 buttons on its control panel.
Smart Home/Alexa?NoIt does not support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.
Eco ModeNoAlthough it does not have an eco-mode, its silence mode slows down the fan speed, thereby cutting down on power consumption.
Air Quality IndicatorNoIt neither has an air quality sensor or display.
Filter Replacement AlertsYes2 LED lights on the control panel will alert you when the Truman Cells and Activated Carbon filter need to be replaced.

Oreck XL Air Purifier Questions & Answers:

How do you replace the filters on the Oreck XL Professional air purifier?

To replace the ionizer and activated charcoal filter, start by sliding the lid (the sizeable top panel to the left of the control buttons) towards you, and then lift it. Once you’ve removed the cover, start by removing the pre-filter, followed by the ionizer, and lastly, the activated charcoal filter. All of them pull straight up.

The ionizer and charcoal filters have 2 tabs at the top to make lifting easy. They should be replaced using the Oreck Truman Cell-AIRP series, and the Replacement Odor Eliminator, respectively.

How often should I replace the filter?

The ionizer is washable and could last you a couple of years. However, you need to clean it regularly (ideally every 2-3 months) to ensure top-notch performance.

The Activated Charcoal filter is washable, too, but it needs to be replaced annually using the Replacement Odor Eliminator.

How do you clean the filters?

The pre-filter and Activated Charcoal bed should be vacuumed first, and then cleaned under a water faucet. The ionizer is delicate and needs extra care. There are 2 options for cleaning it. You can either place it in warm soapy water for 30 minutes or wash it at the top shelf of a dishwasher. Importantly, allow all the filters to dry completely before reinstalling them.

Does the Oreck XL produce Ozone?

Yes. The Truman Cells are a fancy name for ionizers. Good thing, though, this model also has an oxygenator that converts the ozone into oxygen. There is an option to turn off the ionizer. However, since this is a critical component in this filtration kit, turning it off means that you won’t be getting the full benefits of the air purifier.

How efficient is this air purifier?

Although this air purifier is not Energy Star-rated, it’s not as power-hungry as several other models out there. This one has a power rating of 85 watts.

What is the required maintenance?

The only maintenance requirement that this purifier need is filter cleaning and replacement. The Truman Cell should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks and replaced every 2-3 years. The pre-filter should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks or as needed. The Activated Charcoal filter needs to be cleaned every 3-5 months and renewed annually.

What would be the annual cost?

Running this device for 12 hours every day could cost you around $45 annually- assuming that you pay $0.12 per kilowatt of power. The other expense will be the Activated Carbon filter (Odor Absorber), a pack of 2 is relatively cheap. The Truman Cell could last you 2 years with proper cleaning.

What is the warranty?

It comes with a 3-year residential only warranty, and a 1-year cover if you use it in a commercial establishment.