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Levoit LV H132 is a highly rated HEPA air purifier. This unit still goes strong even after its manufacturer recently released 2 slightly advanced models in a bid to replace it.

In this review, we’ll be looking at why this might be a good purchase. We’ve also highlighted a couple of drawbacks that we believe you should be aware of before swiping your card.

Is the Levoit LV H132 Air Purifier meant for you?  

Precisely, this air purifier’s advanced 3-stage filtration system makes it an ideal option, especially for:

  • Families with pets– if your furry friends trigger allergic reactions, the Levoit LV H132 air purifier is fitted with True HEPA filter to capture pet dander and, therefore, curb any allergies
  • Small apartment dwellers– this air purifier is designed to be used in small houses or rooms of utmost 129 sq. ft. (12 m2)  
  • The minimalists– this Levoit compact air purifier is small enough to get things done without being another obstacle on your floor space
  • Smokers– it has Activated Carbon filter that traps cigarette and weed smoke as well as any other unpleasant odors
  • Those who don’t want an ozone-generating air purifier– Levoit does not use UVC Light and Anion for any of its air purification devices. Thus, rest assured this model won’t generate ozone. 
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Levoit LV H132 Air Purifier Technical Analysis

Build Quality and Design

Similar to other models in the Levoit family, the LV H132 is mainly made of plastic. But it’s very far from feeling fragile. It appears and feels well-made and robust, and all parts align nicely with no gaps.

Its white satin finish gives it an attractive contemporary design perfect for most small offices and rooms. There’s also an option to get it black, though.  

The Levoit LV H132 air purifier is cylinder-shaped and utilizes the bottom-to-top airflow concept. The air is sucked in from the bottom where it is forced through a series of filters before coming out through the grill at the top.

All the controls (4 in total) are at the top for easy access. They are also touch-sensitive and, therefore, friendly to everyone, including those with arthritic fingers.


  • Power button- tapping it once will turn the purifier ON or OFF. You’ll also use it to dim or turn off the nightlight and all other lights on the control panel. 
  • Nightlight button– this one switches the blue nightlight ON/OFF and also lets you choose between 2 brightness levels. This light can be turned off completely using the power button- a superb function that you won’t find on most air purifiers. This a great boon, especially if you are a light-sensitive sleeper and if you’ll be using it in a kids’ room.  
  • Filter reset button– this button lights up in case the filters need to be changed or cleaned. To reset, tap and hold for 3 seconds. 
  • Fan speed button– tapping it cycles you through the 3 fan modes of this air purifier. 
night light button lv 132

Straightforward Assembly and Use

The Levoit LV H132 comes pre-assembled. All you’ll need to do is to remove the plastic cover on the air filter and controls, and plug the device directly to a wall socket.

As we hinted earlier on, this model does not involve a complex set up to get it running. It does not require WI-Fi connectivity, and neither does it support remote control. While this makes it less fancy, it also means that you won’t need to fiddle around with it to get it working.  

Where should it be placed?

The Levoit LV H132 is a super-compact air purifier measuring 7.5’’ (diameter) x 12.5″ (height) and weighing around 6 pounds

These figures open up more placement options. You can place this air filter directly on the floor, on a countertop, and even on a shelf– quite versatile. 

Keep in mind, however, that Levoit advises allowing a clearance of 15 inches on all sides for optimal performance. 

How the Levoit LV H132 Works

When you connect this air purifier into a powered wall socket, it will chime to assure you that it’s connected. You then need to tap the power button and adjust the fan mode and nightlight brightness level if you so wish.

Worth mentioning, this Levoit air purifier has a memory function that remembers programmed settings. So, when you switch it off, you won’t need to go through the cycles again when you turn it back on next time.


The Levoit LV H132 uses a 3-stage filtration system to purify the air around you. Here is the order through which the air passes from the bottom to the top;

  • Fine Preliminary Filter – the first stage of this filtration stage involves neutralizing most of the contaminants that may increase the rate at which the True HEPA filter gets dirty. These include airborne bacteria, fungi, pet dander, and mold.
  • True HEPA Filter– HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. To be rated as True HEPA, a filter should meet the strict requirements set by the US Department of Energy: remove up to 99.97% of unwanted air impurities as small as 0.3 microns. These include dust mites, pollen, and large particles.
  • Active Carbon Filter– this filter mainly adsorbs pet odors, cigarette smoke, and kitchen smells. Its vast surface area and tiny crevices also allow it to trap certain allergens and impurities that may have made it through the True HEPA filter including dust, mold spores, common household chemicals, pet hair, and lint.

Room Coverage and Speed of Air Purification (ACH and CADR ratings)

As previously mentioned, this Levoit air purifier is meant for small rooms and houses with utmost 129 sq. ft. This coverage is understandable considering that the Levoit LV H132 has an ACH of 2x and a CADR rating of 40 cfm.

Feeling lost?

Well, ACH is an abbreviation for Air Changes per Hour. It refers to the number of times a given air purifier can refresh the air in a given room. The more times a device can exchange the air around you, the better the air quality you’ll have.

The Levoit LV H132 will be exchanging all the air in your small room twice every hour, which isn’t too bad for a device its size and price.

CADR, on the other hand, stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. CADR is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm) and refers to how long an air-purifying device takes to remove pollen, smoke, and dust. The higher the number, the faster the rate of purification.

We have to admit that this unit’s 40 cfm is quite low compared to models that offer up to 300 cfm. But then again, we can’t complain much since this air purifier is meant for small to medium rooms. If anything, the CADR rating only refers to the speed of pollutants removal and not the performance.

Energy Efficiency and Noise Level

Are you wondering, ‘‘how much energy does the Levoit LV H132 consume?’’ Well, the shortest answer is almost insignificant.

This air purifier has a 28-watt power consumption rate and a standby rate of 0.8 watts. In essence, it will be costing you 2 cents to run it for 8 hours a day and around $10 annually assuming that you are charged 12 cents for a kilowatt of electricity.

Switching gear to its noise level, the Levoit LV H132 is among the quietest True HEPA air purifiers on the market today. Speed 1 and 2 emits a noise level of around 36 decibels- that’s lower than a library. Speed 3 will make the purifier a little bit louder at around 50 dB but this is just slightly noisier than a modern freezer fridge rated at 47 dB.

Filter Replacement Requirements and Maintenance 

lv132 replacement filter

The key selling point of the Levoit LV H132 is its low filter replacement cost. Levoit advises replacing the filter kit every 6-8 months or sooner if you live in an area with highly contaminated air. What we find so appealing here is that a genuine Levoit LV H132 replacement filter (LV-H132-RF) has a very low price tag. What’s more, purchasing them in bulk could save you up to 15%.  

Besides replacing the filters, the only maintenance required for this air purifier is to wipe down the housing using a dry, soft, and clean cloth.


The Levoit LV H132 comes with a 2-year warranty and lifelong customer support through (888) 726-8520 and [email protected].

Levoit LV H132 Pros

  • Cheap filter replacements kits
  • Great design for the price
  • Nice nightlight (can be turned off)
  • 3-stage filtration system with True HEPA filter
  • Quiet operations
  • Compact and clean design

Levoit LV H132 Cons

  • Takes up to 1 hour to get the air clean
  • Meant for small spaces
  • Lacks automatic shut-off


The Levoit H132 air purifier is a highly recommendable option especially if you’ll be using it in a small-to-medium room or office. Although it takes quite a long time to purify the air around you, this drawback can be easily overcome by placing it near you. In our opinion, this won’t be an issue considering its compact size and low noise operations.  

Levoit LV H132 Air Purifier FAQs

How much space does the Levoit LV H132 cover?

This air purifier is meant for small rooms considering its 129 ft² (12 m²) coverage. 

Can I turn off the nightlight? 

Yes. Tap the power button 2 times to dim the nightlight, and 3 times to turn it off completely. To turn it back on, simply tap on the nightlight button. 

How soon should I replace the filters on the Levoit LV H132 air purifier?

The manufacturer advises replacing the filter kit every 6-8 months or sooner if the air in your area is highly contaminated. The kit consists of all the necessary filters; Fine preliminary, True Hepa, and Activated Carbon filters. 

5 Tips for using the Levoit LV H132 Air Purifier

  • Always position the purifier on a flat surface
  • Ensure the purifier has a 15’’ clearance on all sides for optimal performance
  • To prolong the life of the filters, never use the unit outdoors or in wet and humid environments
  • Always connect to a wall socket directly as opposed to an extension cord
  • Don’t place items on top of the unit