If your couch is made out of microfiber or cloth material, dust mites will have an easier time gathering. Couches with leather material are easier to deal with when removing and preventing dust mites.

Below, you can learn about some of the best ways to get rid of dust mites nesting on your couch. 

Removing Dust Mites From Your Couch

For couches with dust and microfiber materials, washing the covers regularly is the most effective way to remove dust mites. The drying process is also an important step to stop so many dust mites living on your couch.

Remove the covers and wash them once every 1-2 months. People with dust mite allergies need to keep a strong routine of washing their covers to improve their symptoms.

It’s best to wash the covers at high temperatures as that’s what kills the dust mites. You may also want to consider steam cleaning the pillows to kill more dust mites.

After the pillows and covers have been washed, we recommend leaving them to dry outdoors. This is because dust mites thrive in conditions that are moist and dark. Keeping the covers and pillows to dry outside in the sun will discourage dust mites from wanting to stay. 

If you’re finding dust mites to be a huge problem and you suffer from allergies, you may want to consider a leather couch. Wiping dust off of leather couches is easier compared to microfiber and cloth couches. 

There are no small spaces in the leather for dust mites to crawl into and dust isn’t able to enter through to the interior of the couch as it does with microfiber and cloth materials. 

Causes for Dust Mites In Your Couch

A buildup of dust mites on your couch can often be because you’re not cleaning the dust from your home in the most effective way

When it comes to wiping down surfaces and removing dust, we recommend using a damp cloth. This works better to pick up the dust and prevent it from being pushed around and released into the air. 

Furthermore, dust mites love to gather in carpets. If you don’t regularly vacuum your carpet, a lot of the dust mites in your couch likely would have come from there. It’s a good idea to vacuum regularly to minimize the dust mites that can get to your couch. 

Air Purifiers for Dust Mites

While the aforementioned methods can work well, there are still dust particles floating around the air that you can’t get rid of on your own. This is where an air purifier can come into play. 

Air purifiers filter out the microscopic dust particles that are airborne and release clean air into your home. It prevents the airborne dust from falling onto your couch and encouraging dust mites to gather. 

Air purifying machines make it a lot easier to maintain the cleanliness of your couch, carpet, and surfaces from dust and dust mites. 

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