The Energy Star label affects the efficiency of your air purifier, as well as the money it costs to keep it running. Learn everything you need to know about what the Energy Star Certified label is below. 

What Energy Star Is

Energy Star is a symbol that has been supported by the government as a way to let consumers know that the product they’re buying is energy efficient. 

When you see the Energy Star, it means that the item has been tested and passed regulations that make it efficient to run and help you save money. 

It was established to help minimize pollutants that were caused by energy being used inefficiently. Furthermore, seeing the label means that you can be sure to use the product efficiently, without compromising on performance. 

The Energy Star label guidelines are set by the DOE (Department of Energy) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). 

Air Purifiers with the Energy Star Label

Air purifiers that function with ionic, electrostatic, hybrid, and fan features are the machines that get tested. 

The air purifier must showcase that it’s able to improve your savings on energy over a duration of time while performing well. 

When rating the performance of the air purifier, Energy Star looks at the CADR rate. Air purifiers must have a CADR rating of at least 50 to be considered for qualification. 

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate and it provides you with information on how effective an air purifier is at cleaning pollutants from the air. 

These pollutants include dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and mold. You can learn more about CADR ratings here.

Energy Star’s Label must also be on the top or front of the machine. Not to mention, it has to be clearly seen on the website, booklets, and packaging. 

In addition to this, the ozone emissions must be under 50 ppb and the standby power can’t be more than 2 watts. 


If you were after an air purifier that’s energy-efficient and performs well, you now know what to look out for. 

The Energy Star label means that you’re able to save money in the long-run and keep the air in your home clean while controlling your emissions. 

Hopefully, the information found throughout our post has been useful in helping you learn more about the significance of Energy Star certifications and air purifiers.