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The Pure Cool Link TP02 has been on the market for quite some time now. This was Dyson’s first air purifier (released in May 2016), but it continues to rank among its best offerings to date.

Besides its sleek and modern aesthetics, the other thing that makes it so popular is its dual fan and purifier functions. Precisely, this is ‘‘a fan that circulates clean air.’’

So, does this tower’s performance match all the praises you’ve heard about it? Let’s find out in this Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 review.

Dyson TP02 Is Best For:

  • People with respiratory issues– this air purifier has a True HEPA filter that has been tested to remove air 99.97% of air impurities down to 0.3 microns. It also has an air quality sensor to give people with asthma, allergies, and sinus conditions a real-time report on air quality.
  • People who smoke in the house– the filtration kit also employs an Activated Carbon filter to trap smoke, VOCs like paint fumes, and most household smells and odors.
  • Those who live with furry pets– the True HEPA filter is certified to remove dander from all animals, including cats and dogs.
  • Homeowners looking for a 2-in-1 fan and air purifier– besides air purification, the TP02 also acts as an ‘‘air mover.’’

Assembly and Set up Review

This Pure Cool Link ships in parts inside a box besides the remote control;

  • Base
  • 2-in-1 filtration kit
  • Loop amplifier

Set up takes a minute or 2, and pretty much anyone can do it. You only need to slide the HEPA filter into the base, and then place the loop amplifier on top of the motor.

Construction Design

This unit is made mainly of plastics. While it does not feel cheaply built, you might want to position it at a place where it won’t be accidentally knocked over every other time. Its tall and slim design means that only a slight push is enough to tip it over (more about placement later).

The Pure Cool Link is a bladeless fan that uses a motor inside the base. So, it’s very safe for small fingers and paws. What’s even more interesting is that it oscillates 1800 to boost air circulation.

At first glance, this air purifier has a visually stunning design attenuated by its now-iconic oval air loop. We also like its 3 color options; white/silver, iron/blue, and sprayed nickel.

Measurements & Placement Review

This model is notably huge, standing at a height of 40 inches. This height implies that it’s really not meant for desktops or tabletops.

However, its base has a minimal footprint of 7.7 inches in width. So, it won’t take a lot of floor space. Placement is subjective and will highly depend on how the room is organized. All in all, the design of the Dyson Pure Cool Link plus its oscillating base allows you to set it near the wall and even at the corners.

dyson tp02 positioning

How does it work?

This tower fan works by sucking air through the base and pushing it through a True HEPA filter. HEPA is an acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This name is used on filters that trap 99% of air pollutants, 0.2 microns small.

For a filter to be called True HEPA, however, it must be able to trap 99.97% of contaminants measuring 0.3 microns. These are the most common pollutants in households and include dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mildew, and mold spores.

This filtration kit also has a bed of Activated Charcoal that will trap the most common household smells and odors, VOCs, and cigarette smoke.

The TP02 also doubles as a fan. So, the purified air is lastly pushed out by a motor and circulated around the room.

Controls and Operation Modes Review

dyson tp02 remote

This air filter has a simple control interface on the base consisting of a power button and a small display. You cannot do anything much on the interface other than switching the purifier ON/OFF. So, you’ll need to use either the remote or the Dyson Link App.

The remote control has all the essential functions that you’d expect. Among other features, it allows you to adjust fan speed, set a timer, and put the purifier on auto and sleep mode. Interestingly, it balances on top of the purifier using a magnet. This minimizes the chances of misplacing it.

You can also control this model from your phone by installing the Dyson Link App. Connecting the purifier to your iOS/Android phone is straightforward and takes a few minutes only.

Besides offering all the controls, the App also provides information about filter life, and when you need to replace them. It also lets you create and manage a daily or weekly air purification schedule. Even better, the App keeps you posted on the air quality both at home and wherever you are.

The Pure Cool Link has several useful modes that add to its ease of use and convenience. There is an auto mode that uses some sensors to detect the level of air pollution and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

There is also a sleep mode that keeps the fan speed at 4 and below to reduce noise output in the bedroom. Also, this mode will dim the LED display- a superb feature if you are sensitive to light.

Dyson Air Purifier Application

Dyson TP02 Performance Review

How much space does it cover?

Dyson says that this purifier is suitable large for rooms measuring up to 400 sq.ft. Although there are no indications of the exact CADR and ACH ratings for this unit, this manufacturer says that it will purify a 139ft2 room in 27 minutes.

In terms of cooling, though, this model has an airflow rate of 414l/s at the highest speed. This rate is so impressive and makes it an excellent choice for large spaces.

However, what Dyson doesn’t clarify is that only a small amount of this air is actually purified. Precisely, this airflow rate refers to the amount of air that the ‘fan’ moves, not the amount it cleans.


The Pure Cool Link TP02 is very quiet when running at speeds 1-4. It starts getting audible at levels 5 through 7. At speed 10, it reaches a noise level of 63 dB. While it’s not overly annoying, you’ll find yourself turning up the volume of the TV and even raising your voice when talking.

It’s very likely, however, that you’re going to find low to mid-level speeds adequate at least most of the time.

Dyson TP02 Energy Consumption

This tower fan has a very modest power usage of 56 watts. Assuming that you run it for 12 hours daily and you pay an average of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity, this would translate to approximately $30 per year. We find this very impressive for a unit that also doubles as a fan.

We should mention one thing, though. There is no way of turning off the fan function on the TP02. That being said, if you run it during winter, it will end up cooling the room as you try to heat it. This could take your electricity bills a notch higher.  


Besides wiping the shell down whenever it gets dusty, the primary maintenance that you are going to do on this air purifier will be to replace its filtration kit. Dyson suggests doing this annually, assuming that you run the unit 12 hours daily (a total of around 4,000 hours).

The replacement filter (968126-03) is sold as a single kit with the True HEPA and Activated Carbon filters already fitted together.


This model comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. The filter is not covered.

Dyson’s TP02 and TP04 Differences Explained

The TP04 is the latest addition to Dyson’s Pure Cool air purifiers’ collection. While these 2 models are similar in most aspects, there are a few differences;

  • LCD– the TPO4 has a larger and more informative new display.
  • Filter upgrade– the new model now uses a much thicker filter. Dyson says that it has 60% more HEPA and 3x more Activated Charcoal. Notably, the filtration kit now comes in 4 pieces that need to be fitted together during set up: 2 HEPA, 2 Carbon Charcoal filters.
  • Wider oscillation degree– the TP04 rotates 3500 while the TP02 rotates 1500.
  • Backward airflow– the TP04 has a mode that ejects air in the backward direction. This is great for air purification during cold months.

Price– considering all the above upgrades, it comes as no surprise that the TP04 is much pricier.


  • Doubles as a fan and purifier
  • Powerful airflow for cooling the room
  • Wide coverage
  • Easy setup and usage
  • Attractive design


  • Replacements are quite pricey
  • Gets louder on higher settings
  • Fan can’t be turned off during cold months
  • Reports of App connectivity issues

Dyson TP02 – Buy or Bye?

dyson tp02 top buttons 1

The Dyson Pure Cool Link could make a great choice if you need a purifier that doubles as a fan. This model removes air pollutants while keeping the temperatures lower although it does not replace your AC. Among its other key highlights, we like its wide coverage, which is accentuated by its oscillating base, as well as its design.  It’s very easy to operate, too, especially once you install the App.


How often should you replace Dyson filters TP02?

The manufacturer recommends replacing the filters every year, assuming the unit runs for 12 hours every day. You’ll need to use the replacement filter number 968126-03. It consists of HEPA and Activated Carbon filter.

How do you set up the Dyson TP02?

Set up is simple. Start by sliding the filtration kit into the base. Next, place the loop multiplier on the base and turn it until it clicks. Plug the purifier in, and you are good to go.

Will the TP02 cool the room more than my average fan?

While it has a notable cooling effect, especially in smaller rooms, this unit is not as powerful as an average blade fan. It could keep a room 20-30 cooler than other parts of the house, though.

5 Expert Tips

  • Close the windows when using this purifier to prevent more pollutants from entering.  
  • To clear the TP02’s Wi-Fi settings, press and hold the ON/OFF button for 20 seconds.
  • If you open the App and find a connection lost screen, tap the refresh button.
  • Place it at the corner to get a wider coverage across the room.
  • Consider leaving a 15-inch clearance around the unit for better air suction.