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dyson hp02 product

The Dyson HP02 Pure Hot and Cool Link is a versatile unit that comes at a premium price tag, but with tons of features. Besides minimizing your exposure to common household air pollutants, this model will heat your room during the winter and cool it down in the summer.

Technically, you are getting 3 essential home products in one unit. In this review, we’ll be exploring the performance, strengths, and weaknesses of one of Dyson’s popular products.

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The Dyson HP02 Is Best For:

  • If you have allergies– this model has a True HEPA filter that captures most allergens, including dust, dust mites, mold spores, and pollen.
  • If you are asthmatic– its True HEPA and Active Charcoal filters clear stuffy air by removing common asthma irritants.
  • If you want a versatile product– this is a 3-in-1 unit that heats or cools your room besides cleaning the air.
  • If you own a smart home– you can control this air purifier through Amazon Alexa.

Assembly and Set up Review

This air purifier is very easy to set up and use. The fan unit ships pre-assembled. So, all you’ll need to do is install the 2-part True HEPA and Activated Charcoal filtration kit.

Construction Design

The HP02 features the iconic, aesthetically-pleasing design that Dyson products are famous for. The fan boasts the popular bladeless design, thereby making it safe for small fingers and pets.

The Dyson HP02 uses the bottom-to-top airflow concept. Air gets in through the perforations on its body and comes out through a vent on the top loop.

Designed to be a product that you’ll use around the year, its base not only features the filtration kit, but it also has a hot plate that heats the air before being ejected.

Size, Weight, and Placement

The HP02 measures 8.7×8.7×24.9 inches and weighs 8.86 pounds. These dimensions make it a product that you can place either on the floor or on a desktop. Importantly, it works without occupying lots of space wherever you decide to place it. Also, this air purifier’s weight makes it very easy to move around the house.

dyson hp02 living room

⚖️ HP01 vs. HP02 vs. HP04 Comparison

Coverage (sq. ft)LargeLargeLarge
Hot Mode
Cool Mode
App and Alexa
Air Quality Sensors
Oscillation (degrees)7070350

How the Dyson HP02 Pure Hot + Cool Link Works?

This unit uses the same air-in, air-out principle that regular air purifiers use. It sucks air through the perforations on its body and forces it through a pair of filters that remove the contaminants. Lastly, a bladeless fan pushes the air out.

  • True HEPA filter– a True HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is one that has been tested and certified to remove 99.97% of air contaminants that measure 0.3 microns. Note that 0.3-micron particles are known to be the hardest to remove for most average filters.
  • Activated Charcoal filter– removes most household smells and odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
dyson hp02 filtration process

Controls and Operation Modes Review

The Dyson HP02 Link offers you 3 options as far as control goes. The first option is a small handy remote control with all the necessary control features and modes; 10 fan speed levels, timer, oscillation, heater, auto mode, and sleep mode. 

You can also control it from your phone via the iOS/Android-compatible Dyson Link App. This App opens up more features, including a sophisticated real-time air quality display, and the ability to create schedules.

In addition to its heat mode, the other area where this unit excels over other air purifiers is its Jet Focus control. This feature allows you to concentrate the airflow in one direction for personal use, or diffuse it around the room.

Dyson HP02 Mobile Application
Dyson HP02 Mobile Application

Performance Review


Dyson does not offer an exact room coverage with its air purifiers due to the added fan functionality. They don’t indicate the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and ACH (Air Change per Hour) rates for the same reason. However, they do state that this model is capable of servicing large rooms.

Judging from its airflow of 55 gallons per second, and the fact that its fan can oscillate and tilt, we’d recommend limiting it to 300-500 sq. Ft. rooms. 

dyson hp02 coverage

Noise Output 

The fact that the Dyson HP02 is accredited by Quiet Mark (a UK program that advocates healthy noise) means one thing: it has quiet operations. 

This model has a noise rating of 40 dB at the lowest fan speed level and 57 dB when the fan is set at speed 10. For comparison, a refrigerator hums at 40 dB, while a normal conversation takes place at 60-65 dB.

Power consumption 

This purifier is relatively energy efficient when operating as a fan and purifier only. In this mode, it consumes 36 watts at the lowest fan speed, and 44 watts at the highest level. This is an acceptable range, especially for a unit that can push 55 gallons of air per second.

Without the heating mode, running this device at the highest speed for 12 hours every day would cost you around $23 annually.

These figures change sharply once you turn ON the heating mode, though. When operating in this mode, the HP02 draws up to 1575 watts. 


As with most Dyson air purifiers, this model has modest maintenance needs. Actually, the only thing that you’ll need to do is replace its filtration kit annually with the Dyson Desk Purifier Replacement Filter 968125-03.

This particular replacement filter kit is the latest original release by Dyson and costs half the price of the previous model. 

Warranty – This air purifier comes with a 2-year warranty against original defects in operations and materials. Keep in mind, however, that the warranty holds only if the unit was purchased from an authorized dealer.

Pros 👍
✔ 3-in-1 functions
✔ High-quality True HEPA filter
✔ Energy-efficient even with the fan function
✔ Multiple placement options

Cons 👎
✘ Relatively pricier
✘ Heat mode draws a lot of power
✘ Replacement filter kit can be costly

Dyson HP02 Review Verdict

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 is admittedly among the most expensive air purifiers today. If you look at its functions closely, though, this could be one of the best money-saving devices out there. The fact that it will double as a cooler during summer nights, and a heater during winter is enough reason to go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the HP02 keep a hot room cool?

Yes- it does cool a room to a reasonable degree. However, remember that its bladeless fan design means that it won’t replace your central cooling unit.

How much power does the HP02 consume?

With the heating mode off, this unit draws 36-44 watts. The heating mode consumes 1575 watts when heating at the highest level.

Can I operate the HP02 only as a heater and fan without air filters?

Yes, you could- but you risk damaging the radial amplifier and voiding the warranty.

Dyson HP02 Expert Tips

  • For Wi-Fi connections, remember to connect it to the 2.5 GHz band. It does not support the 5 GHz band.
  • After purchasing, remember to register your product with Dyson to get the 2 years of warranty.
  • Be sure not to block the unit’s air intake and airflow vents (leave a clearance of at least 10’’ all around).
  • Avoid running it without the air filter kit, as this could damage the radial amplifier.
  • If you prefer white noise, fan speeds 6 and 7 may interest you.

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