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bulex air purifier

In today’s review, we’re going to look at Bulex AF-3222 True HEPA air purifier­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­- a model that continues to rake in a lot of positive reviews on Amazon in 2020.

This is an inexpensive air purification device that brings the power of a full-sized air purifier in a compact, easy-to-move unit, according to the manufacturer. Of course, no brand will underrate their product.

That being the case, the team at Air Honest took the time to learn the ins and outs of this device in a bid to figure out precisely what it is and what it isn’t. Read on to see what we found out in this Bulex Air Purifier review.

Bulex Air Purifer is Best for:

  • Parents looking for an air purifier for bedrooms– this device covers 2020 sq.ft. and it’s powerful yet virtually inaudible at the lowest setting, making it perfect for bedrooms.
  • Anyone with lung conditions and breathing difficulties– this air purifier’s 4-stage filtration system removes particles as small as 0.01 mil making it ideal for people who are sensitive to air quality.
  • Allergic pet owners– current pet parents who’ve reviewed this air purifier report that it’s super effective at removing pet hair, dander, odors, and other allergens.
  • People looking for an affordable air purifier– the Bulex True HEPA Air Purifier could be the answer if you are looking for a budget air purifier for small rooms and offices.

Breezy Assembly and Setup

Your Bulex AF-3222 will arrive nicely packaged in a taped box. Inside the box, you’ll find the air purifier with the air filter already installed and a manual. Before powering the unit ON, you’ll first need to remove the filter kit from the base and pull out the plastic packaging used to wrap it. This is an easy process that won’t require any tool. The filtration kit is accessible through the bottom cover, which can be removed by turning it anti-clockwise.

Setting up this air purifier is super-straightforward too. Since it does not have any smart controls, setup is as easy as plugging it in and hitting the power button.

bulex air purifier bedroom

Build and design

Similar to most budget air purifiers that we’ve reviewed so far, the Bulex AF-3222 is mainly made of a plastic composite. Although plastic may be considered as less durable than metal, it makes for an affordable and lightweight unit besides offering excellent heat dissipation. Ultimately, durability in air purifiers boils down to how good you take care of them.

On the inside, this air purifier is fitted with a pure copper motor assembly. You probably don’t want to know all of this, but a copper motor has minimal heat generation. This simply means that the Bulex Air Purifier won’t be heating your room as it tries to clean the air.

The holes around the lower half of the unit are the air intake. The air is sucked through this grill into the air filter kit right inside. After screening, the air is then pushed out through the vent at the top.

This air purifier comes in only one color- matte black. Most people who’ve reviewed it seem satisfied. We don’t know what you think, but we feel that this color, coupled with its cool nightlight, is an easy way of adding a striking distinction plus a modern spin wherever you use the Bulex.

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Size- where should you place it?

The Bulex AF-3222 air purifier measures 8” (W) and 13.6” (H) and weighs 5.57 lbs. This model does not qualify to be the smallest air purifier in the market, but it’s neither the bulkiest.

In our opinion, this is an impressively compact air purifier if you want a unit that doesn’t take up a lot of space. In addition, although it does not have a built-in handle, its size and weight make it very easy to grab and move it around with you.

There are no limitations when it comes to placement. The Bulex air purifier can be used as a floor or a desktop device credit to its compact design and bottom-to-top airflow mode. Wherever you choose to position it, though, you’ll be wise to place it in an open location with no obstructions on the sides and at the top for excellent airflow.

How the Bulex Air Purifier works

This air purifier uses the same principle that products from other brands in our reviews use. The contaminated air is sucked through the filter on the base and pumped out at the top.

Our review team appreciates the cylindrical filter kit of this device as it promises 360-degree filtration of pet hair, dander, mold spores, and smells and odors, among other air contaminants. Also, this model has a unique filtration stage that we are yet to see on competitor brands.

Here is the 4-stage filtration system of the Bulex AF-3222 Air Purifier;

  • Pre-filter– this is the outermost screen of the filtration kit that captures large particles, including pet hair, dander, and fibers.
  • True HEPA filtertrue HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is currently the crème de la crème of air filters on the market today. It removes 99.97% of air pollutants down to 0.3 microns.
  • Activated Charcoal Fiber– this screen is what makes Bulex one of the best air purifiers for smoke, kitchen smells, pet odors, and VOCs.
  • Degerming filter– this is a new idea in the world of air purifiers. It’s a sort of an antibacterial cleaner that works by sterilizing the air.

Controls, Features, and Special Modes

The Bulex air purifier boasts a simple, touch-sensitive control interface that gives it a modern feel. The interactive buttons on the interface cover everything you’ll need to operate the device from cycling through the 4-speed fan levels to activating the 2 to 8-hour timer. If you are sensitive to light while sleeping, there’s a button to turn the LEDs ON/OFF.

bulex air purifier touch panel

The control interface also has a filter replacement LED that will remind you when you need a new filtration kit. So, you won’t have to mark your calendar for that.

Two important features that we wish Bulex included here are an air quality detector and auto mode. These two make an excellent duo, especially if you are sensitive to changes in air quality.

Let’s now switch to another very crucial part of this Bulex Air Purifier Review.



Bulex says that the AF-3222 air purifier is engineered to cover small rooms of up to 202 sq.ft. This is more than enough for most American bedrooms that have the square footage of between 120 and 150 feet. It will also be of great use in a master bedroom measuring 200 square feet, especially if you can close it off to prevent the purified air from spilling into the closet space and bathroom.

bulet air purifier coverage 1


If you’ve gone through the Bulex air purifier reviews and feedback on Amazon, you’ll realize that most of them say that this unit is quiet compared to most of its competitors. This is true.

When running this device on sleep mode (lowest setting), the noise level is rated at 32 dB. For comparison, a whisper is 30 dB. This is the type of air purifier that you need for a baby’s bedroom. When cranked up to the highest fan speed, the noise gets to around 50 dB, which is still quieter than a normal conversation.

bulex air purifier night mode

Power consumption

Bulex air purifier power rating is 45 watts, which means that it will have an almost insignificant effect on your power bills. For instance, assuming that the air purifier runs for a total of 8 hours every day, its total power cost would be roughly $0.04 (daily), $1.3 (monthly), or $16 (annually).


The only maintenance that the Bulex requires is timely air filter replacement using this 4-stage filter kit every 6 months. This should be a straightforward process first because a red light on the control will tell you when you need to change the filter, and second because replacing the screen doesn’t require any tool.

Does it come with a warranty?

When you purchase this air purifier, you are guaranteed of a LIFETIME warranty and 24/7 online customer care support. This is one of the reasons why our review team thinks that Bulex is offering excellent value with this device.

Bulex Air Purifier Pros & Cons

Pros 👍
✔ Powerful purifier for small spaces
✔ Almost inaudible in sleep mode
✔ Comes with a lifetime warranty
✔ Compact and lightweight design

Cons 👎
✘ Lacks air quality detectors and auto mode
✘ Will struggle in large spaces

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that Bulex AF-3222 Air Purifier has an incredible value, especially for the price. As most of the 2020 reviews on Amazon affirm, this is a good-looking, compact, and lightweight unit that is so easy to use and maintain. We wish it had auto mode, but its air cleaning performance and silent operation make it easy to ignore that minor caveat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get the replacement filters for Bulex air purifier?

Here is the link to the replacement filter on Amazon. It’s sold as one kit that houses all the 4 screens.

What is the best setting for controlling pet hair and pet dander?

During the day, running it at speed 2 or 3 should get the job done without the device being uncomfortably loud. Remember that an air purifier won’t replace your vacuum, though.

Does the Bulex air purifier emit ions?

No, this air purifier does not use ionization technology to clean the air, so no ions are emitted.

How far from the wall should you locate it?

Our experts recommend positioning all air purifiers at least 15 inches away from the walls.