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blueair pure blue 211 plus black product

The Pure Blue 211+ Air Purifier by BlueAir has been designed with simplicity and style in mind. We have reviewed the 211+ to figure out the features, filtration systems, maintenance requirements, pros, and cons. 

This minimal, Swedish-designed model poses a few pressing questions, and we have found the answers so you don’t need to. 

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Design, Specifications and Aesthetic Review 

The design is one of the outstanding features of the Pure Blue 211+. It has a sleek, rectangular shape with a white top. The colored pre-filter wraps around the exterior of the unit called “the cage” acting as a color-changeable cover as well as a filter. The combined particle filter and carbon filter then slot inside the external cage. 

Size: 21 x 13 x 13 inches 
Weight: 13 pounds 
Recommended positioning: on the floor 
Noise:  31 to 56 decibels 
Covering area: 540 square feet 
Energy efficiency:  Energy Star rated, 30 – 60 watts 
Warranty: 2 years when registered with BlueAir, 1 year otherwise 

The Pure Blue 211+ has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 350 for pollen, dust, and smoke. This is one of the most powerful CADR ratings on the market, and it’s rare to see the same high rating for all three allergens. CADR refers to the volume of air (in cubic feet per minute) which is cleaned and released by the air purifier. 

blueair pure blue 211 compact dimensions

Is Pure Blue 211+ loud?

The lowest fan speed is very quiet but still audible. The medium and high speeds are audible and have been described as “white noise” by many customers. The consensus seems to be that because the noise is consistent and reasonably low, it can be pleasant for some people who prefer a trace of background noise. If you want something completely silent, this isn’t the right choice. 

How is it operated by the user?

The operation is extremely simple since there’s only one control, a large central button. It turns the machine on and off and changes the fan speed. 

This is a “pro” for people who may have trouble dealing with lots of small buttons and dials due to impaired eyesight or physical restrictions. Aside from that, there are no other modes, features or controls to deal with. 

one button control pure blue 211 plus

BlueAir 211+ Filtration System Review

The 3-step filtration system is very unique, different from most popular air purifiers on the market. The pre-filter also acts as the key aesthetic feature of the unit, with changeable colors. 

Fabric pre-filter: wraps around the outside of the unit and captures large particles. The pre-filter comes in 5 different colors. The unit itself comes with two pre-filters, one in black and one in bright blue. You can choose other colors when buying your replacement pre-filters, (the other colors are pink, yellow and taupe). 

Particle filter: designed to catch dust, dander, mold, bacteria and, viruses. It captures 99% of particles, so it is not a true-HEPA filter (which must catch 99.97% of particles). 

Carbon filter: knitted into the particle filter. Removes and reduces odors and gas. 

Note: some users have reported a strange, chemical-like odor when first using their 211+. BlueAir clarifies this on their site, stating that the “new” smell is safe and should clear up after a couple of days of continuous operation.

However, a few customers have still noticed this odor long after the initial 48 hours. It is thought that this is due to the glue used in the filter construction. If the odor persists, we recommend contacting BlueAir to request a replacement filter as it could be due to a quality-control issue. 

Is it suitable for removing allergens and odors?

Many customers have raved about how drastically their asthma and allergy symptoms have improved since using the Pure Blue 211+. However, BlueAir has commented that while the 211+ clears the air effectively, they recommend the Classic range to people with serious allergies and asthma. 

Others have commented that odors from pets, food and even cigarettes are greatly cleared by the 211+. This is great for apartment blocks where other people’s cooking or smoking odors can transfer to other apartments. 

The dust-catching ability has also been highly praised, with customers reporting that the amount of visible dust in their home has been greatly reduced, and therefore their cleaning duties are lighter too. 

Key features

  • 360 cleaning: air is drawn into all four sides of the unit as opposed to having only one inlet. The clean air is then released out the top. The more filter surface area, the more allergens can be captured 
  • One-touch control: easy to use, aesthetically simple  
  • Changeable colors: 5 pre-filter color options 
  • 3 fan speeds: low, medium, high 
blueair pure blue 211 plus cover

Cleaning and maintenance requirements 

What is the cost per year for filter replacements? Where can I buy filters? 

You can buy replacement filters on Amazon. A replacement filter pack including the particle/carbon filter lasts for 6 months. The colored pre-filters are available on Amazon and are really affordable depending on the seller.

How often do the filters need to be replaced?

The combined particle filter and carbon filter must be replaced every 6 months and cannot be washed. The particle/carbon filter can be recycled, a great feature that helps the user to be more environmentally friendly. 

Can the filters be washed? And if so, how?

Only the pre-filter can be washed. It can be vacuumed, rinsed, or put through a cycle in the washing machine on a low temperature.

pure 211 plus colors
5 Different Colors Available


  • Effectively reduces allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Reduces visible dust particles 
  • Neutralizes and removes odors 
  • Energy Star rated for high energy efficiency


  • Audible operation (“white noise”) 
  • Not a true-HEPA filter 
  • Produces “chemical” smell when first used

Our Verdict

The BlueAir Pure Blue 211+ is an attractive, sleek and modern-looking air purifier ideal for people who take home decor seriously. The operation is extremely simple and straightforward, with a one-touch button for all purposes. 

This is a great air purifier for you if you have mild to moderate allergies and asthma, and you want to reduce the amount of visible dust in your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Pure Blue 211+ produce ozone?

No, this model has been tested and the results show that they can reduce ozone but do not produce it.

Is the filter a true-HEPA filter?

No, the Pure Blue 211+ filter captures 99% of allergens, while a true-HEPA filter must catch 99.97% of particles. Note that the Blue Air Classic range does have a true HEPA filter. It captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, which some people confuse for the Pure Blue range.

What is electrostatic filtration?

This is when the particles are charged with static electricity so they can cling strongly to the fibers in the filter and are not dispersed back into the air. The Pure Blue 211+ does feature electrostatic filtration. It is a safe and non-toxic process.

Top 5 Tips for Using the BlueAir Pure Blue 211+ Air Purifier

  • Remember that the unit has a 360-degree reach so it should be situated with enough room on all sides to maximize the number of particles it can capture
  • Make sure you’re using a BlueAir filter replacement pack and watch out for imitations as they will either not fit, or will perform poorly. Here is an authentic BlueAir filter pack.
  • BlueAir has specified that their air purifiers can emit a strange smell when in use for the first few times. A handful of customers have commented on this, but the company assures that this is normal and safe. They recommend running the unit continually for a few days to clear the smell 
  • Continuous usage will maximize effectiveness without using excess power due to impressive energy efficiency. It’s best to allow the machine to run non-stop and change the fan speeds as necessary instead of using the machine intermittently. It is designed for continuous cleaning and not “spot cleaning”
  • If you like a faint hum of white noise in the background you should consider this option, however, if audible noise is a deal-breaker, consider the Honeywell HPA300 or the Levoit LV PUR131. The initial cost plus cost of replacement filters is higher than other popular air purifiers, but the efficient air cleaning and aesthetic do reflect the cost.