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blurair classic 605 large room true hepa

Swedish brand Blueair makes a sophisticated range of air purifiers with sleek Scandinavian design and excellent filtration systems. In this review, we are tackling the big and bold Classic 605 air purifier for large rooms and generous budgets.

We’ve reviewed the filtration system, maintenance requirements, overall performance, pros, and cons. We’ve also answered popular FAQs so you can make the smartest choice for the cleanest air in 2020.

What is the BlueAir Classic 605 best for?

Large rooms: the Classic 605 caters to rooms between 700 and 800 square feet in size, more than enough for an extremely large open-plan living room or an entire apartment.

blurair classic 605 large room true hepa room coverage

Asthma and allergies: this model clears a 775 square foot room 5 times per hour, with true-HEPA filtration to catch the smallest allergens such as pet dander. The true-HEPA filter outdoes other true-HEPA filters by catching 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns (as opposed to 0.3). This is an excellent set of features for reducing asthma and allergy triggers and symptoms in the home.

Smoke and odor removal: the Classic 605 comes with a particle filter, but you can opt for the DualProtection filter instead. This contains carbon for effectively absorbing and reducing smoke, pet, and food odors. Many customers who left positive reviews reported that the Classic 605 is excellent at filtering both wildfire smoke and cigarette smoke.

Those with modern preferences: the classic 605 is great for people who prefer to control their appliances via WiFi and a smartphone. The 605 is WiFi compatible and can be controlled (fan speeds, off/on) through the BlueAir Friend app. You can also control it with your voice by alerting Alexa, but you’ll need an Echo Dot Smart Alex Speaker.

Purify Your Large Room with BlueAir Classic 605

Size, Weight, Coverage, and Ratings

CADR ratings:

Smoke: 500 cfm
Dust: 500 cfm
Pollen: 640 cfm

CADR refers to “clean air delivery rate” and indicates how fast the air purifier takes to clear a certain room size.

The Classic 605 has ACH rating (air changes per hour) of 5 for a 775 square foot room, an impressive cleaning rate.

Size: 26 x 20 x 13 inches
Weight: 31 pounds
Coverage:  700-800 square feet. It has been rated by AHAM at 775 square feet 
Energy-Star certified?  Yes, the energy usage is light, from 15-105 watts depending on the fan speed used.

Filtration System

The Classic 605 has an interesting filtration system and internal set-up. First of all, there are two filter options; the particle filter or the DualProtection filter (formerly known as the SmokeStop filter) with a carbon layer for smoke, gas, and VOC absorption. The 605 unit contains three of the same filter, one on each side and one at the top, so the inlets and outlets are fully armed with filters.

Particle filter: true-HEPA filter that catches 99.97% particles as small as 0.1 microns.

DualProtection filter: true-HEPA filter that catches 99.97% particles as small as 0.1 microns. The activated carbon layer absorbs VOCs, smoke, and odors.

HEPAsilent technology: this refers to the combination of a mechanical filter (the regular particle or DualProtection filters) and an electrostatic filtration (ionizer). This combination means that the filters can be less dense, making the airflow from the fan a lot quieter.

Antibacterial: We like that both of the filters are naturally antibacterial without having any extra substances added, so they can stop mold and bacteria from growing.

Ionizer: the Classic 605 also features an internal ionizer, a controversial fact. The ionizer is referred to by Blueair as an “encapsulated particle-charging chamber” that charges the particles before they hit the filter so they can firmly adhere and not be released back into the room. The ionizer doesn’t release ions into the room to collide with particles (like other air purifiers) and keeps the ions (and, therefore, the ozone) inside the unit. 

Recyclable filters: Blueair are doing their bit for the environment by making their filters recyclable, with no harmful chemicals to be released into the environment. 

blurair classic 605 large room true hepasilent

Does the Blueair Classic 605 produce ozone?

While the Classic 605 does feature an ionizer, multiple tests have been done to ensure that no detectable ozone is released into your air

Style, Operation, Modes, and Features 

The Classic 605 is a traditional-looking machine with an angular, rectangular construction in white and grey tones. The air inlets are at the bottom and lower sides of the unit, with outlets at the top and upper sides. The control panel sits at the top front-facing side, with three simple buttons: WiFi, fan speed, and filter replacement.

The Classic 605 is minimal in the sense that it doesn’t have an air quality indicator, Auto mode, or Sleep mode. However, you can always purchase the Blueair Aware monitor which is an external appliance that tests the air and sends updates to your phone.

WiFi: symbol is grey when WiFi is off, blinking blue when WiFi ready to connect, and solid blue when WiFi is connected

BlueAir Friend App: the BlueAir Friend app connects via WiFi on your Classic 605 unit so you can change the fan speeds and turn the unit on and off remotely

Fan speeds: there are three fan speeds that can be changed manually or with the BlueAir Friend app on your smartphone

blurair classic 605 large room true hepa airflow

Maintenance and Filter Requirements

Blueair recommends keeping the unit clean by vacuuming the grilles of the inlets from the inside with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. You should also clean the exterior of the unit with a damp cloth to get rid of accumulated dust, but apart from those easy tasks, you just need to replace the filters. Remember that there are three filters used, so each 3-pack you buy is one set.

How often do the filters need to be changed?

The three filters (three of the same) should be replaced every 6 months after 24-hours continuous usage.

Can the filters be cleaned or washed?

No, they can’t be cleaned, they must be replaced.

Where can I get replacement filters for the Blueair Classic 605 and how much are they?

You can find the particle filter for the best price on Amazon here, and the DualProtection/SmokeStop filter here. The Classic 605 replacement filters are expensive compared to cheaper models, but the cost is worth it for the excellent filtration year-round.

Classic 605 vs. Classic 205 & Pure 211+

Classic 205

The 205 is very similar to the 605, it’s like a younger, smaller sibling. The recommended room area is 279 square feet, (very small compared to the 605’s 775 square feet). They have the same filters (particle OR DualProtection, and internal ionizer), and the same 6-monthly filter change requirement. Both units have a simple set of features (WiFi, 3 fan speeds, filter change light, and BlueAir Friend app option). (Check out our BlueAir Classic 205 review here).

Blue Pure 211+

The Blue Pure range is very different from the Classic range in many ways. For one, it has a modern aesthetic with various bright color choices thanks to the colored external fabric pre-filter. This pre-filter wraps around the unit, while a particle and carbon filter sits inside the unit offering 360-degree air intake and release.

Another difference is that the Blue Pure isn’t a true-HEPA air purifier as it captures 99% of particles sized PM2.5, while the Classic 605 captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. The Blue Pure 211+ caters to rooms up to 540 square feet, about 230 feet fewer than the Classic 605. (Check out our Blue Pure 211+ review here).

Noise and Light

Noise and light are important factors in the overall enjoyment of an air purifier, especially when it is situated in the bedroom. The Classic 605 leaves a little to be desired in this department, as the lights cannot be dimmed or switched off.

In terms of noise, it runs at 32 decibels (just more than a whisper) to 62 decibels (a normal conversation) from lowest to highest fan speed. Several customer reviews state that it is far too loud for them, while others have reviewed the unit saying it is quiet by their standards.

Classic 605 Pros & Cons

Pros 👍
✔ True-HEPA filtration
✔ Effectively reduces smoke and odors
✔ WiFi compatible

Cons 👎
✘ No air quality sensor or auto mode
✘ LED lights cannot be turned off
✘ Internal ionizer cannot be turned off

Review Verdict

The Blueair Classic 605 air purifier is a high-end, high-budget air purifier with an intelligent and efficient filtration system. We think it’s an excellent choice for asthmatics and those living in smoke-heavy homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I dim the Classic 605 LED lights?

You can’t switch off or dim the lights, but you can place tape over them to reduce the brightness.

Will the Classic 605 remove cigarette smoke and odor?

Yes, if you opt to use the DualProtection filter that uses porous coconut carbon to capture smoke (and associated odor), gas, and VOCs.

What is the warranty?

It comes with a 1-year warranty but you can extend this to 5 years if you register your product with BlueAir within 60 days of purchase.

What is the voltage?


Does it have air quality sensors?

No, but you can purchase the BlueAir Aware product to test the air.

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