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blue pure 411 blueair air purifier

BlueAir air purifiers are known for their simplistic, stylish designs and innovative filtration systems for creating clean, healthy environments in 2020.

We have reviewed the Blueair Blue Pure 411 to find out what else it offers aside from bright color choices. Our review brought many interesting findings, including a unique filtration system with excellent user-friendliness and affordability.

We have assessed the overall design, filters, maintenance costs, and ability to provide clear, healthy air. We back up our findings with real-life customer reviews and information straight from BlueAir.

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What is the BlueAir Blue Pure 411 Best For?

✔ Low maintenance budgets

The BlueAir Pure 411 maintenance costs are low compared to many other air purifiers. Replacing the filters doesn’t require a special budget, and the overall energy consumption is low so your power bill won’t expand (the model is Energy Star Rated). What’s more, the filters and unit itself are readily available, with the best affordable prices easily found on Amazon.

✔ Noise-sensitive people 

We love how quiet this air purifier is, with a noise scale of 17 – 46 decibels, (46 dB is equivalent to light rain or quiet office hum). This is excellent for people who need an air purifier for their bedroom but can’t handle obnoxious noises that threaten to disturb their sleep.

✔ Household odors

Household odors from pets, cooking, and smoke can put a dampener on the freshness of your home. The Blue Pure 411 helps to solve this issue with an activated carbon filter, with high praise from customers who experienced reduced odors from the kitchen, the cat litter box, and cigarette smoke. 

blue pure 411 compact design

Size, weight, coverage, and ratings  

CADR: the BlueAir Blue Pure 411 is AHAM verified to clear a 161 square foot space, with 5 air changes per hour. The CADR ratings are as follows:

Tobacco smoke: 105
Dust: 120
Pollen: 120

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 16.7 inches
Weight: 3.35 pounds
Coverage: 100 – 175 square feet (small-medium) 
Energy star rated? Yes

Filtration system

The filtration system has some excellent points and some polarizing ones. The great thing is that it has a pre-filter to make sure large allergens (dust, pet hair, pollen) are swiftly caught. The carbon filter is an excellent addition for reducing pet, food, and smoke odors for noticeably cleaner air.

However, the particle filter (main filter) is not true-HEPA, as it only captures “99% of particles down to 2.5 microns”, (a true-HEPA filter needs to capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns). (Learn everything about HEPA filters here)

  • Prefilter: visible fabric filter that wraps around the outside of the machine 
  • Particle filter: main internal filter
    Carbon filter: part of the main filter (2-in-1)
blueair pure blue 411 filtration system

Does the BlueAir Blue Pure 411 have an ionizer?

This is a pressing question, as seen in my customer review sections. When you consult the manual, the diagram of the unit clearly states that there is an “ion chamber”. BlueAir responded to a customer review saying:

All Blueair units use small Ionizers…our units have been engineered to produce no measurable amounts of ozone. Blueair units have been thoroughly tested and certified to comply with the California Air Resource Board criteria to emit less than 0.050 ppm. Additionally, tests…have shown that Blueair units may even reduce levels of ozone within a room

Blueair Customer Support

We at AirHonest are satisfied with this response and don’t see the small ion chamber as a negative aspect.

Modes, operation, and setup

This is the most attractive air purifier we have reviewed here at AirHonest, a testament to the stylish Scandinavian design flair of BlueAir. The BlueAir Blue Pure 411 is a pleasantly simple machine in the sense that it has minimal controls and buttons to contend with.

There is one single button at the top of the cylindrical model, and it is used to change the fan speeds from 1 to 3. This is great for people who are not interested in “bells and whistles”, and prefer to have little input into the running of the machine.

blue pure 411 360 air flow

Another worthy feature to note is the auto-on feature which ensures that the machine switches back on after an unplanned power outage. 

Maintenance and filter replacements

The maintenance requirements for this colorful model are pleasantly minimal, the exterior needs no more than the occasional wipe down. 

Can the filters be washed?

The pre-filter can be washed, but the main interior filter must be replaced and cannot be washed or exposed to liquids. 

How often do the Blueair Blue Pure 411 air purifier filters need to be changed?

The main filter should be changed approximately every 6 months. The fabric filters are machine washable and should be washed every 2-3 weeks. 

How much are the filters and where can I find them?

The main (interior) filters are reasonably priced and easy to find for the best price on Amazon here. The fabric filters (the colorful ones) are super affordable and readily available on Amazon here.

BlueAir Blue Pure 411 versus BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ and 205

The BlueAir Pure Blue Pure 211+ is a larger version of the 411 model, with a rectangular shape as opposed to cylindrical. What’s more, it covers a much larger area of 540 square feet. Both models have the same filtration system (fabric pre-filter and particle filter with activated carbon layer), and the same easy maintenance requirements.

Essentially, they are the same air purifier but for different room sizes. These two complement each other nicely if you need two or three air purifiers to place in different rooms around the home but you don’t want a discrepancy in aesthetic style and maintenance requirements.

The BlueAir Blue Pure Classic 205 is slightly more similar to the 411 in terms of room size, as it covers an area of 279 square feet so it would be great for medium-sized rooms. This model is very different in aesthetic, with a more conventional style with a plastic casing and rectangular shape.

It has WiFi compatibility so you can check the air quality and adjust the settings. Another key difference is that it has true-HEPA filtration so it would be a more suitable choice for people with serious asthma and allergies but who want to stick with the BlueAir brand.

Blue Pure 411 Pros & Cons

Pros 👍
✔ The fabric filter is washable
✔ Affordable filter replacements
✔ Quiet operation

Cons 👎
✘ Not true-HEPA
✘ Several reviews state an odd odor emission
✘ The lights do not dim as they should

Review Verdict 

The BlueAir Blue Pure 411 air purifier could be a worthy new member of your home if you need to reduce odors and large allergens in 2020. The color choices are great for modern, design-focused homes, with affordable maintenance costs for smaller budgets.

The low cost means you could equip multiple rooms in your home with this quiet and effective air purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are BlueAir Air Purifiers good for asthma?

Yes, they have been designed to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. For very serious asthma or allergies, a model with a true-HEPA filter such as the 205 would be ideal.

How do I reset the filter light?

The filter light works on a time-based schedule and will turn red after 6 months. To switch off the red light, press down the filter reset button for 5 seconds and the 6-month countdown with start again.

Does this unit emit a chemical smell?

According to several customer reviews, the 411 is prone to emitting an odd chemical smell when first in use. This smell should go away within a few hours of running, but if it persists, you should contact the manufacturer.

Does the power light dim or turn off for night time?

The lights are meant to dim after 10 seconds after being turned on, but the 411 model has proven to be unreliable in this respect as backed by customer reviews and responses by BlueAir. However, BlueAir has addressed this issue by creating a sticker to be placed over the light to reduce light pollution at night. As BlueAir responded to a customer review: “Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we would be happy to send you one of these free of charge”

Can the internal ionizer chamber be turned off?

No, the ionizer cannot be switched off, but it does not produce any amount of ozone to be concerned about.

Does the BlueAir Blue Pure 411 remove weed and cigarette smoke?

Yes, because of the layer of activated carbon, all kinds of odors including cigarette and weed smoke will be reduced. However, depending on the intensity of the smell, it may not clear it completely.