An asthma action plan is an important tool in managing the disease at any age. It helps the patient take control of their treatment, with a documented plan of action and it provides important medical information for family members and caregivers.

All plans share some common themes, but there are many different versions. Below you’ll find links to information that will help you get started with your plan today.

Pediatric Asthma Action Plans

This asthma action plan from McMaster University is great for young children and their parents. It uses pictures effectively to communicate ideas, while still providing the detail required of a good plan. 

The American Lung Associations Plan

The American Lung Association has been a trusted source of medical information for decades. They’ve developed a comprehensive asthma action plan you can download on this page.

An Adult Asthma Action Plan

Children aren’t the only ones that can benefit from an asthma action plan. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has created a good one for adults you can find here.

Asthma Action Plans in Schools

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recommends that schools have a copy of an asthma action plan for all children in their care with asthma. This PDF booklet outlines their guidelines for school administrators.

New Jersey’s Guide for an Asthma Action Plan

New Jersey law requires that all children using asthma medication must have an asthma action plan sanctioned by the state. You can find their treatment plan for schools here

Virginia’s Version of an Action Plan

The Virginia Asthma Coalition has developed an asthma action plan and it’s one of the better ones available online. You can click here for a free copy of their template.

An Asthma Action Plan for Children

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta offers another great asthma action plan for children. Their layout is clear and easy to follow and you can find a copy by following this link.

Involving the Family in the Plan

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute believe all family members of an asthma sufferer should have a copy of their asthma action plan. You can find out more about their guidelines here.

Asthma Action Plan from the University of Michigan

At the University of Michigan, they’ve developed an asthma action plan for anyone 12 years of age or over. You can fill this form out online and it provides helpful suggestions to guide you through the process. 

An Emergency Asthma Action Plan

In America, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are one of the leading authorities in the healthcare field. On their site, you’ll find links to several printable action plans from around the country.

An Example of a Completed Asthma Action Plan

An asthma action plan will only help if completed properly. It can be useful to have a completed example to follow and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has a good one – you can find it here


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