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The AHAM Verifide label isn’t something that’s found on all air purifiers. Below, you can learn more about what this label means and how it plays a role in helping you to compare air purifiers. 

What AHAM Verifide Means

When searching for air purifiers, you may have noticed a label that reads AHAM Verifide. Are you wondering what the label means?

AHAM stands for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. They’re the number one authority when it comes to home appliances and their performance. 

Their reason for existing is to help manufacturers create appliances for homes that perform well and are efficient. 

AHAM Verifide means that the appliance has managed to pass certain standards that involve energy, volume, and performance. 

The AHAM Verifide label can be found on a wide range of appliances. These vary from air purifiers and refrigerators to washing machines and humidifiers. 

One important aspect of the AHAM Verifide program is that manufacturers volunteer to be a part of it. Therefore, it’s not necessarily an industry standard. 

It’s a voluntary program that can enable customers to feel more assured in knowing that the performance of their machine has been thoroughly tried and tested. 

Having said that, home appliances are subjected to being tested at any given moment too. They’ve been established since 1967 and since then, outside testing labs have been used on the wide selection of appliances. 

AHAM & CADR Ratings 

One of the requirements to get the AHAM Verifide label on an air purifier involves them measuring the CADR. This stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate that the machine is able to produce. 

Typically, the AHAM label can be found on the side or back of the box that your air purifier comes in. It provides you with CADR ratings for pollen, smoke, and dust. 

The higher these CADR ratings are, the more effective the air purifier is at cleaning pollutants from the air. So, CADR ratings are an important factor to consider. You can learn more about CADR here.

When you see the AHAM Verifide label on an air purifier, it provides you with the reassurance that the CADR ratings and performance measured are accurate.