Placing an air purifier in the correct place can make it much more effective at removing pollutant particles from your home. Take a look below to learn more about the best places to put your air purifier and the reasons why. 

Near the Source of Pollutant Particles 

If you know where the source of pollutant particles are coming off, you’ll want to place the air purifier near it. The machine can work to purify the air before letting the particles spread around the rest of your home too much. 

For example, if you’re trying to get rid of pet smells, you could place the air purifier near their bed or litter box. When it comes to people who smoke, placing an air purifier near the area they smoke can be effective at removing tobacco smoke odors and particles from harming others in your home. 

Next to Airflow Sources

Many people like to place their air purifier near the main source of air that comes into their home. It’s an effective way to clean the incoming air before releasing it into the home. 

Inside Bedrooms

People with asthma, allergies, or snoring issues usually experience worsened conditions at night when they’re sleeping. Therefore, keeping an air purifier in the bedroom at night can keep the air clean and enable you to sleep better by breathing fresh air. 

You’d want to consider air purifiers that function quietly to ensure that you’re able to sleep without being disturbed. 

Furthermore, you may want to avoid using air purifiers that produce ozone in your bedroom. This is because the ozone emissions released can cause your throat and respiratory system to become irritated. As a result, it can make allergies and asthma worse, as well as promote loud snoring.

Air purifiers that don’t produce ozone would be best since you’re going to keep them running all night long while you sleep. Therefore, you’re able to breathe more comfortably and experience the benefits of cleaner air, minus the effects of ozone gases being airborne. 

Near Doors

Air purifiers near the doors of rooms that you spend a lot of your time in can be a good way to filter the incoming air. 

In Kitchens for Cooking Smells 

If you cook often and want to reduce the smells from lingering for too long, you can place an air purifier in the kitchen. Air purifiers with activated carbon filters would be best for smells as they work better to remove odor-causing particles from cooking.

What to Avoid

There are some areas you should avoid placing your air purifier as it can make them less effective. Below you can learn about the two common places where people place their air purifiers that limit the machine’s ability to clean the air. 

Air Purifiers Near Walls

Many air purifiers have an input that can be blocked if you place it too close to the wall. When an air purifier is too close to a wall, it decreases the effectiveness of the machine as it’s unable to clean as much air as it’s capable of. 

Placing your air purifier in the corner of a room can be a safer option that still works to catch pollutant particles while preventing a trip hazard. 

If you place your air purifier near the wall or in the corner, be sure that there’s a 1-2 feet clearance to let airflow in and out. 

Air Purifiers Near Electronics

Air purifiers work on certain wavelengths which can be interfered by other electronic items. If your air purifier is too close to an electronic item and they work on the same wavelength, they’ll both become less effective. 

So, it’s best to keep your air purifier away from TV’s, microwaves, and stereo systems. 

Use our tips above to ensure that you place your air purifier in places for it to work to the best of its ability. You also know more about the areas to avoid placing it to provide your home with the best chance of being filled with cleaner air.