Air purifiers can be an effective way to remove smells from your home. However, there are only certain kinds of odors that they can get rid of.

Not to mention, certain air purifiers are more effective for this purpose than others. Learn more about the types of smells that can be removed and which air purifiers work the best. 

Pet Odor

Regardless of how often you may clean your pet, it’s inevitable that they’ll produce an odor while in the house. When pets shed fur, it causes pet dander to travel around the house.

Pet dander can end up everywhere around the home and be difficult to clean. If you have allergies, pet dander can make it worse by causing you to sneeze more often.

Air purifiers can be great for removing pet dander from floating around the air in your home. This can be an excellent way to reduce the smell on a consistent basis. 

You can even use air purifiers as a way to help minimize the smell from litter boxes and your pet’s bed.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke produces the kind of smell that lingers and is difficult to get rid of. The smell latches itself onto hair and clothes. It also remains in the air for a long time.

Even if it’s a family member who smokes, you can end up smelling like smoke by just being around them. Using an air purifier can be a fantastic way to expel the smell of smoke from being in your home and clinging onto you. 

The tiny particles released from cigarette smoke can be very irritating to the throat and cause a range of health complications. 

That’s why air purifiers may be your best bet. They’re able to filter the air from particles that are microscopic in size, before letting the clean air back out. 


Cooking great food can be an absolute joy, but it can also lead to unwanted odors being left in the air long after you’ve finished. 

Odors from cooking can attach themselves to surfaces in your kitchen and accumulate over time. After a long duration of time has passed, it can be more difficult to remove these odors. 

This is especially the case when it comes to cooking with spices. 

Installing an air purifier in the kitchen, or surrounding rooms, can be effective for minimizing the smells and preventing them from spreading. 

Household Products

Common household products can cause strong odors in your home. Items such as paint and cleaning products are among the main contributors to strong smells. 

These products are filled with strong chemicals that can be difficult to get rid of. They produce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and they can become dangerous when left lingering in the air for too long.

Air purifiers remove the chemical odors from the air, as well as filter out the potentially harmful particles. 


It’s common for people to occasionally forget to take the trash out. However, the smell that’s caused can remain idle in the air, hours after you’ve removed the garbage. 

One of the biggest reasons for this is because there are foods that can decompose within a very short span of time. As a result, gases are emitted into the air in your home. 

In addition to this, bacteria can multiply quickly. Air purifiers can decrease the intensity of the odor while also removing any bacteria particles that have made their way into the air. 

Recommended Air Purifier for Odors

An air purifier with an activated carbon filter would be the number one option if your primary concern was to eliminate odors. 

The reasons as to why we recommend these air purifiers include the following:

  • It works to cover larger surface areas that odors encompass
  • Can infiltrate submicroscopic particles that create smells
  • They can be easily washed with soap and water to last longer

#1 – Winix C535 PlasmaWave

#2 – Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

#3 – Levoit LV PUR131


You can now feel more confident about the types of smells air purifiers can expel from your home. If any of the smells mentioned above are ones that you’re trying to deal with, an air purifier with a carbon filter could be your best option.